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General Discussion / Amazing ebony pussy ?
« on: May 17, 2019, 03:25:49 PM »
It took me a few minutes to get cleaned up and get some pants back on. As I walked out into the living room, I wasn't sure what to expect. With the way Cassidy had mostly ignored our last sexual encounter, I sort of expected she would just blow right past this one too."Now you're asking for it," she said, reaching for him."This. Sit around and talk...and recover." I said.Cassidy lifted her hips and placed my cock head at the entrance to her wet pussy. I could feel the softness of her pussy lips and the slight moisture of her opening. She was turned on. Cassidy put her hands on my chest, sunk her hips down, and my cock head popped through the tight opening of her sex and slid a few inches into her hole.
I glanced out the open door towards my wife, who was nonchalantly reading her magazine again. I could hear Kent still chunking wood into the fireplace.To the Rhythm of the Music  An Erotic StoryI reached down to grab her nipples, giving them a hard pinch. Jenna screamed between my legs, and fortunately for me, my orgasm had finished as she stopped licking and was now simply crying out into my hot wet flesh. Doug continued to fuck her and moaned, "So fucking tight!"Tiffany nodded. "Okay." She paused again to collect her thoughts, then began: "The first time you did it, you caught me completely by surprise. Usually, you ask me whether I'll do something, and then when I hesitate, you give me an alternative that doesn't seem much better; but this time you didn't say anything before you stuck the toe of your boot in my pussy." Tiffany could hardly believe she had just said that, but she could hardly believe the events of the past year either. It had been an unbelievable year. There was never a dull day at Buford's chicken farm.

General Discussion / Beatiful african ass !!!
« on: May 17, 2019, 05:35:39 AM »
My beautiful wife led him"You have really pretty eyes," she said softly.Jenna laughed delightedly and several people clapped and cheered around us. As she had done, I let my hands wander along her long, smooth legs as I worked my way up. I stopped at the backs of her thighs, but couldn't resist placing my hands on her ass over her dress and pulling her into me. Her arms quickly went around my shoulders and we started to sway back and forth, our faces only inches apart. My pussy was starting to drip, and my nipples were aching as her blue eyes stared directly into mine.She knew that the orgasm was going to come alone and was very close. She feared that if she stopped, the electricity within her would disappear, so she continued, pushing her fingers in again and again, stroking her clit with her thumb. She opened her eyes for a second to look at the balcony and was disconcerted to see it completely empty. But that didnt stop Ruth; she didnt need them to feed the spark electrifying her entire body. She could feel molten sweat erupting from every pore, pricking with the wind that suddenly eased in through the window over her skin and her soaking fingers. She was about to, had just about come to orgasm"No!" he cried.Doug nodded and grabbing Jenna's hips flipped her over onto her back. She yelped first in surprise then in pleasure as he quickly lifted her legs and started fucking the shit out of her again. I looked down at her admiring the sight of her small tits bouncing and her sweat slicked tight young body. Of course none of that looked as good as the sight of his cock plundering her little pussy. Doug was moaning continuously now and gasped, "I'm going to..."
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   "Jesus, Kelly," John said, shaking his head."How do they feel, baby?" I asked, licking my lips.Read More »"I promise I won't! I've known for awhile and never said anything, even to you guys, but I..." She stopped and looked around at a few kids standing near us. Stepping forward, she put her hands on our shoulders, lowered her head, and spoke quietly. "It turns me on. Doug, I've thought you were hot since I was old enough to know what hot is."During the course of our meal, the conversation became more and more sexually explicit. Kent was the main instigator, of course, followed closely by Anne. But now, Janet was beginning to take more of a role in encouraging them, too. Then Jan noticed Anne had spilled on her front, right about her nipple, and pointed it out to everyone. Kent leapt from his chair and rushed to Anne. He bent his head and lapped away the spot on her tank top, playing with her nipple through the material with his tongue as he did. That had been the most blatant contact I had ever seen between them. Then Anne said, "I think it soaked through" and lifted her shirt, exposing one erect nipple. Down went Kent again, this time smothering her entire breast with his mouth. Just as quickly, he jumped back to his seat. Though comical, it clearly paved the way for greater intimate contact. No sooner had Kent sat down, than he deliberately dropped a morsel into his own lap.Buford grinned again. Tiffany could feel her face getting hot. It was too late to turn back now. She took another breath. "I wanted to ask you," she said, "what you were thinking when you were using me to clean the soles of your boots. At least, I think you were using me to clean them." She paused. Buford didn't say anything, so she continued: "I have my own ideas about what you were thinking, but I don't really know, since you never said anything while you were cleaning them." She paused again. "Anyway, I just wanted to know for sure whether I was right." Tiffany looked down, unable to meet Buford's gaze."No, not at all. It's just..." Anne jabbed me in the ribs.He knew he needed to fight. Knew he needed to escape. But it didn't matter. It didn't matter that he was unbound, that he had a job to do. It didn't even matter that the rest of his team was counting on him. Brist's mind was abuzz with suggestions, and he was just... so... horny. Whenever he tried to stir, even just to futilely try to push one of their feathers away from his over-sensitized body, the suggestions filled him.

General Discussion / Beatiful ebony bodies !
« on: May 17, 2019, 04:59:26 AM »
Now that we were here, however, I was horny as hell and ready to go for it. We'd been at the bar about a half hour and the two Captain and Cokes I'd had on the beach along with a couple of shots of good ole Cuervo had helped loosen me up. The bevy of young beauties was certainly heating me up.Wait?An Erotic Story of Desire & AnticipationWait?An Erotic Story of Desire & Anticipation"Oh yeah? Sure," I responded, getting up off the couch. "Where do you want to do it?""That was quick," I teased."Sure thing, Mr. Adams, and thanks.""Ooohh, so that's why you didn't want to undress and come in the water," Kelly said, staring at his cock throbbing in his underwear. "But I don't mind," she said. "I'll just take it as a compliment," suddenly grabbing his underwear and pulling them down to the ground, along with his shorts. As she did so, his cock sprang out, hitting her in the face before she could get out of the way. "Now you can come in the water," she said, standing up, her face flushed with the excitement of her brother's hard cock slapping her in the face.
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   I just could not believe what was happening. "Cassidy, what are you doing?" I asked.She pushed me onto my back, straddled my waist, and with her hand, guiding my cock into her very tight, very wet pussy. My wife put on a rather erotic show for our hosts, tossing her hair and riding me enthusiastically. Kent obviously thought this looked like a good idea, and maneuvered his wife onto the rug beside me. Kent lifted Janet's ankles to his shoulders, and penetrated her receptive pussy in one practiced movement. Kent and Anne fucked Janet and I side by side for several long minutes. Several times they leaned towards one another, exchanging passionate kisses between them. Jan and I held hands, watching them."Sorry," I said, taking her hands in mine. "I couldn't resist."Cassidy paused cautiously before replying. "Not really. I don't hate it, but I don't really like it either, so I normally don't let guys do that."Irritated by her insistence on arguing, I thought over what I wanted for a moment. Looking at her pretty but angry face, the thought hit me. "You didn't like me cumming on your face that one time, did you?" I asked.Somewhere in the middle of me blowing my cum all over Melissas tits, I heard Chris moan in ecstasy undoubtedly cumming as well. I opened my eyes to see my wife taking Chris cum all over her breasts too. The two ladies had just given Chris and I an amazing treat, with their tits covered in the other womans husbands cum they embraced in a sensual hug and gave each other a kiss on the cheek. They faced Chris and I and exclaimed that it was now their turn. Chris approached Melissa and I made my way to Lynn. Thats when Lynn surprised me and said that it wouldnt be fair that we got the pleasure of getting a blowjob from the others spouse and that it seemed only fair that we men returned the favor! I got to tell you, the thought of getting to lick a pierced pussy began to make my freshly spent cock tingle with excitement.He'd given her a lot of time."Oh, John," she exclaimed, "that was so wonderful. I can't believe how much you came. And how good it tasted. Did you like it?"

General Discussion / Hot really black bodies .
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We had talked about it at length, and everything about our relationship with them remained the same, except for one thing. I was always a bit more conservative when joking around with Janet, lest she misinterprets my actions and a strain on the relationship occurs. Kent had always maintained some interest in swinging, but as long as Janet seemed uninterested, Anne and I agreed we would never raise the subject with them. This weekend was certainly different. In the past, at Kent's instigation, Janet had flashed me her terrific tits. Almost exclusively when she was drunk, and always very briefly. Today, however, I had seen those wonderful C-cup sweater-puppies four times. Anne was even surprised. She mentioned a few times that Jan was really being very playful."Hey," she greeted me warmly. "I'm really sorry and I hope you don't mind, but I was out of condoms last night and I needed a couple." Well, I thought to myself, there goes any awkwardness about whether I should pretend to have not heard her sexual antics the night before. "I know you keep some in your bathroom, so I borrowed a couple. I went to the shop on the corner and bought you some replacements, and they're already back in your stash. I hope that's okay."Becca gave me a big smile and turned around, leaning back into me with an eagerness that had me hoping she would be as eager for Doug as she appeared to be for me. My thoughts were cut off as her firm ass pressed into my stomach. Imitating me, she reached back with both hands and grabbed my ass. This time, I couldn't stifle my pleasure and moaned directly into her ear. She squeezed my ass again and slid back and forth rubbing her back across my aching tits. I reached around as she had done and ran my hands up her sides."You couldn't even if you tried," John laughed.I didn't last very long, especially with the activity from the night before. Cassidy's tongue swirled my cock head, and both her hands and her soft, sucking lips slid up and down over my sensitive cock skin. She milked me with her firm fingers and her wet, slippery lips. When I felt the tingling of my approaching orgasm, I quickly withdrew my cock from between her soft lips."God, yes," Tom Henderson gasped, not believing how hot this little high school girl was. "How about next week at the same time?" he asked.
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   "Besides, I wanted to talk to you about your idea," she said, sliding up onto the bed so that she was straddling his legs and sucking his cock back into her mouth."Is that why you wanted me then?" she asked.No. He struggled to keep his mouth closed as he felt the warm, tingly fluid oozing onto his lips. He breathed in and smelled the intoxicating scent, but at least he wasn't drinking it. That was something, right?Yes. She was right! She was so smart. Trembling with pleasure from her strokes, from her proximity, Okino tried to... tried to...A Chance Encounter  An Erotic Story of SubmissionA Chance Encounter  An Erotic Story of SubmissionThe Best Orgasm Survey Youll Ever TakeThe source of the light he had become so unreasonably hopeful for was, in fact, several strange golden balls hanging from the high black ceiling, each varying in size from the size of his head to the size of a small mastiff. Looking closely at them, Okino could almost swear he saw creatures writhing inside those orbs. Writhing humanoid shapes, contorting in passionate embrace."Look, I didn't get any from Jimmy tonight, so you'd better let me make myself happy with you," she said, firming her grip on his cock, causing it to twitch to a new level of hardness.

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"I think I'd at least like to try it," Kelly said, nodding. "Especially since it's Becky's father, she can be such a snotty bitch at times and it'd be fun just knowing that I was fucking her father.""Really?" John asked, flopping down on his stomach to hide his erection."What the hell?!" she yelled through the doorway. Without hesitation, she was turning the handle and reopening the door.Turning, she ran back down the embankment and dove into the river. As she rose to the surface, she heard John hitting the water behind her, and then he surfaced a few feet away.The runerod buzzed and pounded in and out of her, heedless of these thoughts, incessant, merciless. Ia had been painfully close to orgasm already; now it felt like Elly was only barely holding her at the brink. It was like going years with only water droplets and suddenly having a waterfall dropped onto your head. Ia was drowning.The source of the light he had become so unreasonably hopeful for was, in fact, several strange golden balls hanging from the high black ceiling, each varying in size from the size of his head to the size of a small mastiff. Looking closely at them, Okino could almost swear he saw creatures writhing inside those orbs. Writhing humanoid shapes, contorting in passionate embrace.
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   "From a business standpoint it makes sense," he said, "more sense than just giving it away.""Kelly!" John exclaimed."Thanks." She giggled, the sound causing a wave of heat between my legs. She gave me a nervous smile and seemed as if she were trying to think of something else to say."Why don't you tell me what you were thinking, and then I'll tell you if you were right," said Buford quietly.John saw him shoot his tongue deep insides of her as she came, slurping at the juices that were flowing, drinking her up and finally Kelly stopped trembling with orgasm and Mr. Henderson lapped up all the juices that were there, lifting his head slowly, pussy juice smeared all over his face, a big smile covering it.The 10-Year Reunion  An Erotic StoryThe 10-Year Reunion  An Erotic Story"Actually, it makes me horny thinking of men standing in line to fuck me," Kelly said with a laugh.Jenna looked at me as I sat on my knees in front of her "Thank you for letting me come back here, Kim!" She giggled. "Thank you for letting me fuck your husband." She then winked. "And you!" Making a show of licking her lips, she sighed. "You have a sweet pussy!"

General Discussion / Hot black pussy ?
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I didn't either. Without looking at Anne or Kent, I kept teasing her nipple until she began breathing heavy. I thought maybe I had gone too far, so I let go of her. Jan seemed a bit disappointed that I had stopped. So did Kent and Anne. Janet slid back into her chair and resumed eating. She made no effort to retrieve her bra from the floor, remaining deliciously topless. Janet closed her eyes for a moment, savoring the heat from the fireplace.But as much as I wanted to say no, I was in a tough spot. Cassidy had learned that my apartment was slightly bigger than hers and in a better location. She really wanted to move into the place. And I didn't want to start off on a bad note with my best friend's soon-to-be wife. So I stalled for a couple of days before deciding I had to agree to the deal. It was better than interviewing replacement roommates, and how bad could it really be to live with a sweet, beautiful woman? Stupid decision"John, why don't you ever go out with any of the girls?" Kelly suddenly asked, pushing up so that she was propped on her elbows."Oh fuck, baby!" I screamed as my pussy convulsed around his pumping fingers, "Keep sucking!""Sex," Kelly said emphatically, seeing him blush.The next day, Cassidy didn't emerge from her room until 1 in the afternoon. I hadn't heard her come in the night before, so assumed she was sleeping off a long night of partying. When I did finally see her, she shuffled out of her room in sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt and headed straight for our kitchen.
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   "Or if I knew some older guys that had more experience they could probably tell me how to do things that they like," Kelly went on.PART 2: Prince Charming."No, that's what she said," John told him. "I tried to talk her out of it but it was no use. It's the only way she'll do it. I even tried to emphasize the money, but it didn't matter how much it was if I wasn't there with her.""Oh, honey," I whispered as I nuzzled my face past her hair so I could speak in her ear. "They're amazing."Becca gave me a big smile and turned around, leaning back into me with an eagerness that had me hoping she would be as eager for Doug as she appeared to be for me. My thoughts were cut off as her firm ass pressed into my stomach. Imitating me, she reached back with both hands and grabbed my ass. This time, I couldn't stifle my pleasure and moaned directly into her ear. She squeezed my ass again and slid back and forth rubbing her back across my aching tits. I reached around as she had done and ran my hands up her sides."Hell no, baby. You just look like their hot older sister!" he told me with a perfectly straight face.Previous"Oh, no," Kelly said, staring at him. "I want John to be there too so he can see what we are doing; it excites me."

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"I love it when you're bratty." He flipped my lower lip. which I had pushed out at him. "Try and see, I'll be right back.""I'm sure he would like to meet her," Tom laughed. "I'll say something to him for you, if you'd like.""Damn Kelly," he exclaimed, his hands moving to cup both of her big full tits, his fingers finding her nipples and squeezing them. "You are very beautiful and your tits are really nice."That image caused my heart to skip a beat and Doug squeezed my hand so hard it hurt. I looked at Jenna but remained silent knowing the only word that would come out was yes. Jenna looked around. Seeing no one was close to us, she stepped directly in front of me, grabbed my hand, and yanked it up under her skirt. Caught by surprise, I didn't have a chance to resist as she pressed my hand between her legs. "Oh!" I whispered at the feeling of her bare flesh, her soaking wet, bare, hot, and oh, so smooth flesh. She started sliding my hand back and forth, and I could feel the edge of it sliding between the lips of her pussy.Jenna's lips were still parted, and she was flushed and sweating. Her nipples pushed against my dress through the flimsy material of hers, and I told myself to get away from her. But my body wasn't listening and my mind was racing. Christ, she was hotter than Becca, and I had no doubt she was interested. Or was she? If this was some kind of game and I asked her back to our house, there would be hell to pay. I considered turning to look at Doug, but knew he would be of no help. If anything, he would beg me to bring her home"My idea!" he said, groaning as he felt Kelly's face press against his belly as his cock slid down her throat.
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   Life in my early twenties was great. My entry level job bored me to tears, and the paycheck wasn't anything to brag about. But I had my college degree, loads of free time, and just enough pocket money to get myself into all kinds of trouble. Plus I was young, and it seemed like the world had been made for me. There were bars where the drinks were cheap and the music was good, sweaty clubs where the girls showed off more shimmering, smooth skin than they covered, and shitty parties where the food was bad and the music too loud but the stories were always entertaining. Most important of all, I had one of my best friends from college as my roommate. He shared in all of my adventures, kept the trouble from getting too big, and helped keep the bills low.In an instant, I felt a deep connection to Melissa beyond just sex.... I now had a new lover! I began to ease my cock in and out of her. Her tight pussy walls held onto my cock and her pleasure increased with every thrust. We were locked in missionary position and we seemed content to stay there. We remained in a warm and tit embrace as I continued to slowly pump my cock in and out of Melissa. Our eyes locked and it was if we looked into each other's souls as we made love to each other. Melissa wrapped her legs around me holding me tight with her thighs. I began to steadily increase my pace slowly going faster and with more intensity. I could feel my desire to cum build in me so I pulled out of Melissa to grab a condom. I put the condom on and Melissa told me that she wanted to give Chris and Lynn the same show that they gave us. I lay in the edge of the bed and Melissa mounted me "reverse cowgirl" giving our spouses a clear view of us making love. As Melissa rode me, she began to rub her clit building her towards another orgasm. Melissa's pace on my cock began to increase as did the intensity that she rubbed herself. I felt the urge to blow my load in Melissa but I tried to hold out till she came again. I felt her pussy walls begin to tremble and squeeze me as she began to moan and scream... this was my moment. I stayed off as long as I could and somehow managed a few more od Melissa's pelvic thrusts before I exploded. Melissa forced her waist down on to me as hard as she could as I shot my load into my condom. Sensing that I was complete, Melissa lifted herself off of me and laid her body atop of me showing her freshly fucked pussy to Chris and Lynn.Olipo Nab AugHis cock was hard, but that was just because she was stroking it. Right? "Mm-mmh!" he managed, shaking his head. The mug followed his movements, staying at his lips."Look at us, Becca" I said, not wanting to give up. "We're out here in public. There's a club full of people who've seen us together. We're not looking to hurt anyone. We just really enjoy girls your age."Upstairs, the boy was intently watching his computer screen. Tiffany always left her laptop open and he could see her bedroom through the camera in the laptop. He really liked this gorgeous girl who had just moved into the basement, and he had already gotten lucky and seen her nude a few times. It looked as if he were going to get lucky again tonight."Unh..." Ia's mouth and pussy were both horribly empty. With so much pleasure everywhere else, it was an unbearable hollowness. Not tongue on her pussy. Not even a feather. No kisses on her panting lips. She was free to speak."Here," she said, all smiles as she handed him the mug. "Drink, my thirsty boy."

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And she most definitely.As Buford relentlessly plied her backside with more and more hard rubber, Tiffany had found herself sorely wishing she could release her cheeks so she could rub her belly; but she had to continue holding her cheeks open like a book, waiting until she was released from her duty by hearing her taskmasters chortle the command "Shut sesame!" She had therefore tried to keep her moans and groans as soft and low as she could to make sure she could hear the arcane mystic words. Hypnotism really does work, thought Tiffany.I tried to tell myself not to be a pig about it. She was much cleaner than my old roommate, which I liked, and she didn't constantly borrow my groceries. She also offered me leftovers from her dinners, and she was a pretty decent cook. We had separate bedrooms and separate bathrooms, so when I got a little too interested in her attractiveness, I would excuse myself and spend some time reading or watching tv in my room. She watched horrible reality tv shows that were all about drama between women, but other than that we got along okay. Still, it was easy to try to tell myself to calm the fuck down when Cassidy looked particularly sexy getting ready to go out at night, or even leaving for work in the morning. It was a different matter trying to hide my erection when she bounced her way onto the couch in short shorts and a virtually see through white t-shirt, flashed me her dazzling smile, and then changed the channel to something on the E network."Don't mention it, don't mention it at all," and he had a grin on his face as he walked toward his car."Cassidy, you're hot," I tried, still rubbing my eyes and not sure if I should stop this or encourage it. "But you said no sex.My wife flashed me a mischievous grin. She slid off my lap onto the rug. She slinked across the deep fur like a cat on all fours until she rested on her knees before Kurt with her hands on his thighs. Wordlessly she put her hands around his member, playing gently and closely studying him. Kent and Janet crowded the end of the sofa, almost leaning over her, watching. Anja shifted closer to her husband to observe, too. Anne arched her neck forward and dropped her shoulders over his lap, swallowing his cock. My own dick stiffened at the sight of her lovely head bobbing and swaying. She kept pulling her hair back to allow the others to see. Her lithe form partially blocked my view, even though I kept leaning right to left in the recliner to catch a glimpse. Anja noticed this, and patted the empty cushion beside her. I moved beside her, placing an arm around her bare shoulders. I pressed against her warm flesh and viewed along with the others my wife's amazing performance. Kurt's right arm was thrown over the back of the seat, his left hand rested firmly on the back of Anne's neck. My beautiful bride still wore her thong, stockings and heels as she slurped and sucked Kurt's pole vigorously, her lovely breasts brushing against his thighs. Anne stopped and sat back on her heels, gazing wantonly at his saliva drenched erection. My wife stood and daintily peeled off her thong in one practiced motion. She handed them to me, and I held her hand, assisting her as she climbed into Kurt's lap, her pussy poised over his large cock. Anne licked her fingers and wet her pussy with them. With one hand holding him by his huge shaft, and the fingers of her other hand holding open the lips of her pussy, she slowly descended until the head on his penis pushed inside her. I stood, allowing her to rest her weight in my shoulder while her pussy accepted this considerable intrusion. Kent rose from the sofa to stand beside her as well. Then Janet went to her knees behind Anne and took over guiding his tool into her. This all turned out to be nothing more than precautionary, a little added assurance for her. Realizing his cock wasn't going to hurt her, Anne released her hold on our shoulders and placed her hands on Kurt's. With only a little hesitation, Anne's pussy descended over Kurt's pole, completely enveloping him. They both sighed contentedly. Anne smiled, quite pleased with herself. She bounced happily on his stiff meat.
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   Life in my early twenties was great. My entry level job bored me to tears, and the paycheck wasn't anything to brag about. But I had my college degree, loads of free time, and just enough pocket money to get myself into all kinds of trouble. Plus I was young, and it seemed like the world had been made for me. There were bars where the drinks were cheap and the music was good, sweaty clubs where the girls showed off more shimmering, smooth skin than they covered, and shitty parties where the food was bad and the music too loud but the stories were always entertaining. Most important of all, I had one of my best friends from college as my roommate. He shared in all of my adventures, kept the trouble from getting too big, and helped keep the bills low.I moaned, softly, against the skin of her neck, and she hugged me even harder, as if I might escape at any moment, as if I had something more important to do, ha! Impossible. Never."Come on, Kim, Jenna's not that type. Don't get me wrong. She's a pretty girl and I'm sure the boys notice that, but I never see her dressing slutty or hanging around with guys. She's a good kid. I doubt she'll do anything, and besides, how does she know what time we're coming home?""If you don't like it," she said sweetly, "just make me stop.""Don't mention it, don't mention it at all," and he had a grin on his face as he walked toward his car."Are you okay?" John asked."She was up there with a girl, so follow her to the bathroom. On the way out, see if she'll dance with you. I think you can handle it from there. Now go work it, baby!""Hee. I know I did." Elly pulled back and stared deep into Ia's wide, teary eyes. The paintbrush slowly circled over one breast as the moth fairy atop it happily rose up and down on Ia's nipple. Ia trembled, knowing the final blow was coming, utterly helpless to stop herself. "You promised," she purred, "to be a bastion of purity."

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Buford had decided to add two codicils to their agreement: "Yes," he said, "on two conditions: First, after a boot cleaning, you are to lick your pussy lips clean." Buford really did like to keep things clean."Then come in the water with me," she said, "or I'll come out there and drag you in, clothes and all."August 15, 2017Kurt looked almost disappointed, but Anja answered for him.Her soft fingers began sliding up and down my meat along with her mouth, exciting so much of my erection that I knew I wouldn't be able to hold off for long. As her warm mouth sucked me and her slippery, soft fingers slid tightly over my erection, I felt the familiar tingles starting again in my body.At first Anne was content merely to pump my shaft within her fist. I had Janet on the verge of coming, and paid little heed when my wife began gently tugging at me. Jan started to thrash about, rhythmically at first, when suddenly she convulsed violently, clamping her thighs tightly against my head. An intense shudder coursed through her body, startling me. I stopped licking for a few seconds, until she relaxed a bit. Her juices flowed freely down my chin. As soon as she would calm down a bit, settling back into the fur, I'd tickle her clit once more with my tongue. This would trigger another orgasm in her. I kept doing this to her until she began to giggle, begging me to stop for a moment. Her pussy twitched against my lips as she gasped for breath.
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   Cassidy, on the other hand, seemed to have no problems asking for my assistance. The first time was a weeknight, where I was predictably hanging out on the couch watching tv.My beautiful wife led him"I'm going to cum," I warned.Ruth had been working at the Clarin bookstore for three years. She was almost always behind the counter, ringing up customers, searching the database, or jotting down charges. However, during the summer, her boss relegated her to the storeroom; there were lots of textbook orders and they had to be ready before September.I entered the bathroom and a fresh case of nerves assailed me. Through a stroke of luck, a quick glance told me that there was no one in the stalls and that my hopefully soon-to- be newfound friend was at the long counter fixing her hair in front of the mirror. There was one other girl there as well, but she was leaning against the wall speaking quietly into a phone and staring down at the floor, her long blonde hair hanging over her face and concealing her features. Taking a deep breath, I walked over to the counter. Standing next to the redhead, I put my purse down and removed my lipstick.Instead, his cock started to throb as his kitten's pussy contracted around him. His screams started to get higher and higher, in time with her panted mewls."So that's your secret." I said.Bound And Blindfolded  An Erotic StoryBound And Blindfolded  An Erotic Story

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"I know, I'm sorry," she responded. "Where you going."I looked away from her and two words slammed through my mind. She knows. Or, she at least suspected, but how? Not everyone thought the way we did, unless maybe she just thought I was bi? She was now looking at me, the smile gone, but an expectant look on her face. My eyes trailed over her shoulder, and then I saw Doug approaching. He slowed up just before he reached us, giving Jenna an appraising look from behind. When he looked up, he smiled and gave me a thumb up. I shook my head, but as he came up directly behind Jenna, he said,"So hot," Jenna whispered, then yelped in surprise as I leaned over and shoved my tongue between her lips.Toy Stories  Tiani, By Ashleigh LakeToy Stories  Tiani, By Ashleigh Lake"Sorry about last night," she said.The last syllable of her encouragement was cut off with a muffling sound. If I had to bet on the cause, I'd have wagered that one of the two guys in there had shoved his dick in her mouth. Both seemed amused, their laughter ringing loudly through the doorway.
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"You ate my pussy so nice," Kelly purred, kissing him. "Will you fuck me now?"I winked at her then closing my eyes released a soft sigh of my own as I took my time enjoying Doug's long thick cock. I began bobbing my head in a slow steady rhythm and as I did could feel Jenna's eyes on me. A moment later more than her eyes were on me and I moaned around Doug's hard flesh as Jenna's fingers found my right nipple. I heard Doug moan louder and opened my eyes to see that Jenna was massaging his balls as she played with my nipple. Sliding Doug's cock for my mouth, I said, "I guess you have watched a few videos!""I could close my eyes if that helps," Cassidy offered."Kelly, John, is that you hear out there?" they heard Karin saying from the kitchen. Kelly started to stand up with John's cock still buried deep inside of her pussy just as the door to the garage opened and their 38 year old mother was framed in it."And you're soooo glad we found you," the brunette cooed, and he felt her fingers dance over his cock. He trembled, but as soon as they had arrived, they vanished again."You like them?" Kelly asked, excited and enjoying the feel of Becky?s daddy?s hands on her.
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   "Is your pussy still tight?" He whispered to her."I felt so...wonderful in you. I wish it had lasted longer." He looked very disappointed.Anne is tall and thin. She is smaller busted and smaller hipped than most women, but still has the perfect curves for her frame. Anne is often described as "Legs up to her neck", much like Julia Roberts. My wife is beautiful as well, with long, full-bodied auburn hair and pretty hazel eyes. A dazzling smile and youthful personality combine to make most people believe her to be twenty-five rather than forty.Her eyes narrowed but with a shrug she answered. "Sure, I usually fool around with guys. It's just girls, sometimes." She gave me a big smile. "They make me cum harder."Yet, the slowness with which our lips parried only served to make me run out of air earlier than expected, forcing me to withdraw for a moment. I recovered the image of her dark eyes that only asked me to return and, after inspiring nervously, I did. This time it was a deeper and more intimate kiss in which our tongues first met and played hide and seek. Finally I caught hers in a gentle bite and in return she caught me with a cheeky lick to my lower lip."Hey," I said, as if the thought had just occurred to me. "You still owe me a couple.""No, nothing. I think we have plenty." She looked at the basket."The way I'm dressed might make her think we're"

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Cassidy just stepped in, completely naked. I was frozen, paralyzed by shock. This stuff happened in pornos, it didn't happen in real life. Cassidy's deep, loud laughter, and the way her big, round breasts shook as she laughed, knocked me out of my paralysis."Lucky them," Kelly said with a laugh, skipping off in front of him, ?besides, you can look at my body on the way.Cassidy seemed very sweet. She knocked back her drinks faster than I would have expected from someone with her light frame, but other than that she seemed very nice and dangerously charming. That's why I really wanted to say no to her moving into my apartment. Even at 25, I had learned it was dangerous to get too close to a really attractive girl. If you spend too much time with a girl, if you became friends or roommates, and she was even moderately attractive, you were going to end up falling for her one way or another. Even if you didn't develop romantic feelings for her, you'd start to wonder what she was like in bed, how good she was at blowjobs or fucking. And the next thing you know, you'd be thinking about fucking her every time you were together. And you could never fuck her, because that would just mess up the friendship. So you were always royally screwed one way or the other in the end. It was best not to get too close to attractive women, unless you were trying to date them. And living with a hot girl was a recipe for disaster. Cassidy was definitely beautiful."We both know how impossible that is," John told her. "It's just not worth getting caught for."Previous"I don't know, I'm not an expert!" Anne told her, slightly exasperated. Jan seemed a bit taken aback by this, but then Anne offered, "I don't really look at them; I just put them in me, or in my mouth." She giggled. They both laughed.
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   "Okay, 8:00.""You boys get to clean the table." Janet directed.Elly smirked. She took the paintbrush away from Ia's pussy and brought it up, tracing it over Ia's lips. Ia's lips quivered at the slow, sensual attention. She could feel her own juices being 'painted' onto her mouth. "I think you can," she soothed. "I think you can take it for hours, get even nicer and dumber for me. Isn't that what you said? Ooh, you were so rude to me, sweetie."I was so focused on thinking about Cassidy's lack of any taste that I had failed to notice her breathing growing ragged, her back arching deeply. I just flicked my tongue over her sensitive clit over and over and over, trying to taste her, until screams finally made me realize that I had brought her to the brink of orgasm."Tell you to cum in my hair?" she asked, and I moaned my response."Sorry. I know you're trying to be helpful." She kissed me passionately by way of apology. The kiss lingered several seconds before our lips parted. I looked into her eyes."I've got to get out of here," Kelly told him as she approached. "I can't stand it any more.""Ohhh," I moaned as the pleasurable flows began to build beyond the point of no return. "On your face. I want to cum, on your face."

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Still, that was all we did. Three or four times a week, I would eat her out and make her cum. Once or twice a week Cassidy would blow me. She started getting comfortable wearing just a loose shirt and bottoms around the apartment, or sometimes just the shirt. And she was so sexy she still turned me on like crazy every day. But after four or five weeks of helping each other cum, it almost got routine."No," I said, with a smile. "You also owe me a blowjob.""How?" I put my hands up.The four of us headed out to our respective homes and back to our normal lives. Lynn and I talked and shard that neither of us had any regret over that we had done and wanted to pursue adding Chris and Melissa to our love making in the future. We got home and after we settled back in after our weekend, Lynn and I had some of the most passionate love making we had in years. We now have truly some of the best friends we could have ever imagined. We get together often to hang-out and every once in a while, we set up the evening where we either all share a night together or once in a while we completely swap partners for the night. The openness and constant dialog between Lynn and I regarding our sexual desires and fantasies have brought us closer and our sex lives are more satisfying that it had ever been. This summer, the four of us are planning to take a cruise to the Caribbean where we will be staying at one of those adults only resorts who knows, maybe after that weekend ill have to write another story.I'm sure a lot of people will be exasperated by my timidity at this point in my story. All I can offer in my defense is that I really did not want to screw up my living situation, and I thought a good outcome was very unlikely. I was not the type of person who this kind of stuff happened to, and I knew all this fooling around between me and Cassidy could be dangerous if it didn't go well. It turned out that I was mostly right."Mmf?" he managed, staring into her wild green eyes.
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   They finished dinner and cleaned up, Jason bragging once more about how he had beat Tom at golf and at how well John had done too."I wondered about that. I thought you were just happy to see me." Kent chuckled."Because I'm dating all the best looking boys and none of them even come close to you," she replied."The way I'm dressed might make her think we're"I left the bathroom door open, expecting that she would talk to me through the doorway, but she followed me all the way into the bathroom. With a sigh of resignation, I lifted the toilet seat and began to relieve myself in front of her.Both Chris and I were enjoying teasing and rubbing our respective wifes pussy. It was clear that Melissa was enjoying her husbands touch because her nipples were now super erect. I looked at Lynn and she likewise was showing how much she was getting turned on, her nipples were now rock hard and trying to bust through her bikini top and her pussy was getting wetter with every stroke. How we managed to maintain some level of a conversation is nothing short of amazing. The next thing I knew the topic of giving head arose and the ladies began discussing techniques of giving the best head. Both Melissa and Lynn were sharing techniques and skills that they use to give their oral skills. Now I can attest that Lynn is very talented with her oral skills and when she wants to can get me to go from 0 to busting a nut in relatively nothing flat!Read More »Anne is tall and thin. She is smaller busted and smaller hipped than most women, but still has the perfect curves for her frame. Anne is often described as "Legs up to her neck", much like Julia Roberts. My wife is beautiful as well, with long, full-bodied auburn hair and pretty hazel eyes. A dazzling smile and youthful personality combine to make most people believe her to be twenty-five rather than forty.

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"I don't think that's likely," John said. "You just do whatever it is you've been doing to me and we'll be lucky if he doesn't die from it. I know I almost do, and if he wants something else, I'm sure he'll tell you."Afterwards, Cassidy quickly changed and left to meet friends. I masturbated that night remembering the look of overwhelming ecstasy on her pretty face... and my cum spurting between her gentle hands.We took turns devouring Anja's juicy slit. She had large, meaty pussy lips, and her clit was swollen to about the size of a fingertip.Janet smiled slyly, and then seductively slid out of her chair to the floor beneath the table. Kent made a big production as his wife's head obviously came into contact with his lap. He pushed his chair back from the table, a supremely satisfied smile on his face. I could see the top of her head bobbing gently, as if she was actually giving him head. Curious, I leaned over to look. Sure enough, Jan really had his cock out of his underwear and in her mouth. Anne glanced across at me and shrugged, as if to say, "Whatever happens, happens." Janet sucked her husband's cock while under the table for maybe a minute, and with a loud slurp, stopped. Kent immediately complained she wasn't through, but Janet promised, "I'll finish you off later, for dessert"."Not really. I just dried my hair, but..." she answered with that provocative smile again."Well I do," I replied.
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   Despite having just cum, I could feel her thighs already starting to tremble and raising her legs, she gave me a thrill by placing her soft feet on my back. I began swirling my tongue faster around her clit, then stopped and gasped as Doug added a third finger inside me and gave my clit a playful nip with his teeth.Elly giggled, raising the slick, dripping runerod to Ia's eye level. "But here's the thing! she said, beaming at Ia. Only good girls get to come, and only bimbos can be my good girls. And if you don't come... you get stupid.Jan narrowed her eyes at me. "Do I want to wha...?""Do you always have sex in front of John?" he asked, letting his hand drop down so that it was cupping her ass.His head spun. He felt himself sagging against the doorway. He imagined pleading for a sip of whatever it was she was making. She would turn around and giggle at him, offering him a spoonful, maybe even letting him lick the bowl, and maybe after he gave in she'd be kind enough to..."You said I looked sexy in these clothes," Cassidy replied with a slight smile.Crap, I thought, but continued. "Depends what they look like. Hey, see that blond guy in the black shirt watching us?""I did? When?"

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"My, how generous of you.""Tomorrow night!" Kelly said, sitting up, "so soon!""No, no, it's not that," Tom said, stunned by what he was being offered. "Actually I've noticed how beautiful Kelly's has become in the last year or so."Ia was so close. So close. So close."You better be," I replied with a laugh."But then we wouldn't be here!" He laughed again. Lowering his face to mine, he gave me a soft kiss. "Come on, baby, cast the line and reel in a hot one."
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   "Oh, god, John, fuck me, fuck me," Kelly moaned as he began to slide his cock in and out of her slowly, feeling her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each stroke."It's better than hanging out here anyway," John told her, winking."It's not that she can help," John explained, "but she could be the instrument of your revenge."Jan put her hand behind her, groping for my cock. Without ceasing my ministrations on her clit, I leaned back so she could get her hand around my shaft. My cock swelled at her touch. She pumped it a few times. Next, she ran her thumb and finger appraisingly over its dimensions.Jenna pulled his jeans down over his hips and down to the floor and I licked my lips at the sight of Doug's long thick cock springing free."I'll tell you what, John," Tom said, giving him $10 for helping him back at the house. "You talk to your sister and see what she thinks of your idea, without mentioning me if you can do that, and then get in touch with me. We'll talk more then," as his eyes stayed glued to Kelly who was moving her ass seductively.The Uber Ride- Erotic Story"Okay," I replied weakly. "How are we going to do this?"

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