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Which medicine is best for cough? Expectorants help thin mucus, making it easier to cough up. The ingredient guaifenesin is the only expectorant in the U.S., so look for it on the label if you need an expectorant. Suppressants help cut the number of times you cough. The active ingredient listed is usually dextromethorphan (DM).
Do you need to see a doctor for a cold? When Should I See a Doctor for a Cold or Flu? Call your doctor or go to the emergency room. Your fever doesn't get better. If it won't go away it might mean you 've got another infection in your body that needs treatment.
Can cold medicine make you loopy? "So that can also have a sort of neurological side effect of feeling slow, drowsy, foggy." And when you 're taking a medication that includes an antihistamine and dextromethorphan, you 're only compounding those effects. "If you have a cough, take a cough medication. If you have a fever, you can take Tylenol.
How do you get mucus out of your lungs? Home remedies for mucus in the chest Warm fluids. Hot beverages can provide immediate and sustained relief from a mucus buildup in the chest. Steam. Keeping the air moist can loosen mucus and reduce congestion and coughing. Saltwater. Honey. Foods and herbs. Essential oils. Elevate the head. N-acetylcysteine (NAC)
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